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Board Customisation

Tk (and Scid) only support the GIF image format by default - but PNG and JPG images (and pieces) are supported by the TkImg package. TkImg is included with Windows and OS X, and can be compiled from the source tarball on Linux (if not already installed).

Custom Textures

Up to ten custom board textures can be loaded. These must be placed in the directory Scid vs PC/bin/textures (windows) or $HOME/.scidvspc/textures, and be of the form wood_l.gif / wood_d.gif or steel_l.png / steel_d.png , for example.

Custom Pieces

The Merida1 pieces now have high-quality larger sizes.

Place custom piece sets in the directory $HOME/.scidvspc/pieces, and they will be added to the Board Options window. These can be found at our pieces page.

Some of these include high detail pieces suitable for large displays. notably Ken's and Paul's, and the FritzSWS pieces at Gorgonian's Chess Site

Paul's also include instructions for making high detail pieces from svg using Inkscape You can find the older instructions to make Scid pieces in scid_chess_pieces.tgz.

Examine Startup Window for the status of loading user textures and pieces.