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Xfcc Server Setup

The Xfcc Server Setup dialog reads in the currently specified xfcc configuration and displays all servers specified in the config file. The dialog is separated in two parts: the upper half lists all server names defined, while the lower part lists all currently set configuration values for these files.

Necessary entries

To switch between the individual server settings just select the server to change from the upper listbox. Its current values will then be displayed in the entry fields and can be adopted. Clicking on another server in the list will activate the new settings.

To add a new server, just hit the Add button. A new entry will be created that is prefilled with some text to replace. Please keep in mind that the server name has to be unique in your setup.

To delete a server select it from the list and press the Delete button. All values for this specific server will be prepended by a hash mark (#) marking this entry as deleted. Therefore, if a server was deleted by accident, just remove the hash marks in front of the entries.

Hitting OK will Scid have to store your current setup. At this point all servers marked as deleted are deleted, all new servers are added to the setup. By pressing Cancel all changes are lost, the old setup stays in place.