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Calculation of Variations

This training exercise (also known as the Stoyko Exercise) involves analysing a complex position, to find and evaluate as many sound lines as possible.

Configuration is fairly straight-forward, and involves

Clicking Start begins the exercise.

After the engine's initial thinking time, the "Done with Position" button will become active, and the player should click on the board to enter a variation. The board is not responsive, but moves are instead entered into the text widget.

To finalise the move, one should click one of the NAG codes buttons. The engine will evaluate the move, after which the user may enter more good moves. When the user has finished entering their best moves, click Done with position. The engine will append (any) missed lines to the game PGN.


This feature does not work from within an existing variation, of at the end of a game. Program flow probably needs refining too.