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Database Compaction

Database Compaction is a specific type of maintenance that keeps a database as small and efficient as possible. It involves removing any unused space in its files.

File Compaction is irreversible. After compaction, deleted Names/Games are gone forever.

Name File Compaction

Over time, you may find a database starts to contain a number of Player, Event, Site or Round names that are no longer used in any game. This will often happen after you spellcheck names. The unused names waste space in the name file, and can slow down name searches. Name File compaction removes all names that are not used in any games.

Game File Compaction

Whenever a game is replaced or deleted, wasted space is left in the game file (the largest of the three files in a Scid Database). Game File compaction removes these deleted games.

Game File compaction is recommended after a database sort , to keep the order of the Game File consistent with the sorted Index File.