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Find Best Move

The Find Best Move feature uses specially prepared databases to help you train to find tactical shots (non-obvious and unique winning moves).

Scid will initially jump to the first relevant position in the current database, allowing the player to study for the tactical shot. The PGN window will close, and Hide Next Move is enabled.

Re-selecting the Play--> Training--> FindBestMove menu, or double clicking to the left of the board, will search for the next position/game.

Compatible Databases

All relevant games must be flagged with the tactics T flag. Thereafter, there are two ways a game can be marked.

Traditionally, databases are prepared by annotating games with a UCI engine and enabling "Mark tactical exercises".

This marks relevant moves a special comment (beginning with ****D-> and commented in the analysis.tcl source file).
For a move to be regarded as a Tactical Shot, it must be a unique winning move, that is not obvious - ie found at depth <= 3.

But ScidvsPC will now also assume the game is a tactical exercise, if it has a non-standard start. A good example is the Auerswald Collection
(Note - games must first be copied to si4 database and flagged with the tactics T flag from the maintenance window).