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File Finder Window

With the File--> Finder you can browse the filesystem for Scid files, perform backups and other file operations.

Double clicking a file will open it, while right-click will show a context menu from which you can perform various file operations:

These functions are especially useful for si4 databases, which consist of three files.

Look in Subdirectories

This checkbox makes Scid recursively examine subdirectories for compatible files. This, however, can take a long time, so you may not want to do it for large directory trees. The process can be interrupted by pressing the Stop button.

Games Field

The meaning of this field depends on the file type. For Databases and PGN files, it is the number of games, and for EPD files the number of positions.

For all file types except Scid Databases, the games field is only an estimate (represented by '~'), read from the first 64 Kilobytes.