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The Import Window

The Import Window provides an easy way for you to paste a game into Scid from some other application or window.

The top-most frame is where to enter or paste the game in PGN format, and the lower frame provides feedback of any errors or warnings.

Scid provides several ways to access games in PGN. As well as the Import Window, games can be opened via File-> Open. Large PGN archives can sometimes give Scid problems. A more reliable import method is the Pgnscid utility

Editing the Current Game

The Import window also doubles as a way to make changes or corrections to a game. First paste the current game with Paste Current Game, then edit the moves , and click Import when done.


Scid expects to see PGN header tags such as

before any moves, but pasting a game fragment such as (without any header tags) is generally ok.

CCRL Imports / Round Name issues

The Computer Chess Rating Lists distributes PGN archives which can cause Scid problems. They use the Round field to represent unique game numbers, and Scid only supports 262,143 Round Names. You may wish to replace the "Round" field with "Rd", or some other tag.

This can be achieved using the sed utility and the command

Sed comes with Linux and OSX, but Windows users may wish to try this version.