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Options and Preferences

On Linux and Mac, the options directory is $HOME/.scidvspc/config/. On Windows the directory is in the program installation directory/bin/config. In here you'll find the main options file options.dat, and a few other files.

Options are saved automatically at program exit, or when Options-> Save Options is selected.

The Docked Windows layout is not saved automatically, but may be done manually using Options-> Save Layout.

Save Bases as Default will reopen all current databases the next time Scid starts (without command line options/files).


The colours and themes for the Main Board are set in the Options-> Chessboard, but a few other colour settings are available in Options-> Colours.

The Rows colour is for the highlighted row in the Tree, Books, Finder, PlayerFinder and TournamentFinder windows. Crosstable coloured rows must be enabled in the Crosstable Options menus. The Board arrows and drawables' colours are set in the Comment Editor.

My Player Names

My Player Names allows one to take note of special player names.

Every time a game with a name in the list is loaded, the main chessboard will be flipped (if necessary) to show the game from that players perspective.

The first "My Player Name" is also used by the Player vs. Computer feature.

My Player Names are entered one per-line, and may contain the wildcards "?" (for exactly one character) and "*" (for a sequence of zero or more characters).


Scid has four basic fonts; Regular, Menu, Small and Fixed, which can be customized via the Options-> Fonts menus.

Many windows can quickly resize fonts by using Control+WheelMouse.

The Fixed font is used by the Tree and Crosstable windows, and requires a fixed-width font to make text allign nicely.