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The Tournament Finder window

The Tournament Finder searches for tournaments in the current database. It scans all the database games and collates data about the tournaments found.

Two games are considered to be in the same tournament if they have the same Event and Site tags, and the same EventDate or were played within three months of each other.

Tournament selection criteria includes the Number of Players/Games, Date, Mean ELO and Country. Adjust these fields in the widget, and press Update to see the new results.

Clicking on a tournament updates the Crosstable. Right-clicking will also load the first game.

Sorting Tournaments

The results can be sorted by Date, Number of Players, Number of Games, Mean Elo rating, Site, Event or the Winner by clicking on a column title.

In Scid vs. PC 4.17 we implemented a new sort algorithm. Sort results are no longer dependant on the list size.