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The Default Database

In addition to physical databases existing on disk, Scid provides a temporary one known as the Clipbase. It is always open, and can be used to cut and paste games between other bases via the Database Switcher. Additionally, each base has a game numbered 0 which also acts as a scratch game.


The Clipbase is useful for merging the results of searches on more than one database or for treating the results of a search as a separate database.

For example, assume you want to prepare for an opponent and have searched a database so the filter contains only games where the opponent played white. You can copy these games to the Clipbase by opening the Gamelist / Switcher and dragging from the database to the Clipbase. Then, click on the Clipbase, and open the Tree Window to examine that players repertoire.


You can copy games from one open database directly to another without using the Clipbase as an intermediary.

The Clipbase cannot be closed; selecting File--> Close is equivalent to emptying it with Edit--> Empty Clipbase.

Games in the Clipbase consume your computers memory. So please consider this when copying a large number of games.