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The Database Switcher

The Database Switcher, located at the bottom of the Game List, gives visual feedback on open databases. The name, filter state, and icon of each database is displayed, and the active database is highlighted with a coloured background. At the left most is a bookmark button.

Right-clicking a database produces a popup menu. From this, one can perform filter ops, mark base as Read-Only or close the database. There is also an extra menu which shows Tree or Best Games, or changes the icon. Middle clicking a base will show/hide the icons.

Drag and Drop

Two separate forms of Drag and Drop are enabled.

* Files can be opened from the Windows, KDE or Gnome file managers by dropping them onto the Switcher at the bottom of the Game List. (Files can also be dropped to the Gameinfo widget and Main board).

* Dragging within the Switcher from one base to another, copies filtered games. This is an important way to manage and copy games within databases. Copying to databases (other than the clipbase) requires confirmation, but this can be disabled from the switcher context menu.