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The Email Window

This feature is not often used or tested. Also, it should not be confused with Scid's Correspondence Chess email support.

The Email Window provides basic support for correspondence games played by email. One may send messages directly from Scid, but you still need to manually add your opponents moves as there is no capability to check your email folder.

Email settings are database dependant, and are stored in the same directory as the si4 file, with an .sem file extension.

To use the email manager:

When you send an email message, Scid generates the message with the games in PGN format without any comments, annotations or variations, since you would not usually want your opponent to see your analysis. You can edit the message before sending it to add conditional moves or other text.

For each opponent, you may have any number of games; one or two is most common. Note that Scid does not check if game numbers change, so after setting up the details of your opponents, be careful to avoid deleting games or sorting your database of email games, since this will rearrange games and the game numbers for each opponent will be incorrect.


A copy of each email message sent by Scid is stored in the file ~/.scid/scidmail.log.

Scid can send email messages using an SMTP server or sendmail. User the Settings button in the Email Manager to specify which you want to use.