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Exporting Games

Commands to export games to other formats are found in the Tools menu. Four file formats are supported:

Additionally, on Unix systems, LaTeX can be converted to PDF.

PGN Compatability Issues

Scid's si4 database format does not enforce any particular character encoding. Scid vs. PC now exports PGN to either Latin-1 or Utf-8 format. For more information, see the Encoding section.

The PGN Standard has no null move concept. So if you export games including them to PGN, other software may not be able to read these games correctly.

To solve this problem, one should enable the Convert null moves to comments option. Of course, if you wish to later reimport the PGN file , with null moves preserved, disable this option.

Scid's use of Ascii strings (such as += to represent annotations is also against the PGN standard. For compatability, Symbolic annotation style should be set to $2 $14.

The use of '{' and '}' inside comments is also against the standard, and Scid vs. PC replaces these with parenthesis when exporting PGN.

Scid vs. PC also has the option to preserve Scid flags - including the Delete flag. This allows one to export games to PGN, perform some text editing on the file (for example), and then reload the games while still preserving the DB flags.

HTML with JavaScript

Diagrams are drawn (in HTML or LaTeX formats), wherever a D nag, or a comment (starts with #) appears. In the case of HTML, Scid's bitmaps directory should be placed alongside your exported file.

While the HTML export generates a static file that may contain static board diagrams, this format offers dynamic HTML, that allows to move through the game interactively with the mouse.

This format consists of several files that need to be stored in a specific structure. Therefore, it is advisable to first generate a empty folder that will contain these files. The name of the main file can be specified and it will get the extension html (e.g. mygame.html). This file should be loaded by the web browser. The other files are required to exist in exactly the position the export filter places them. However, the whole folder can easily be uploaded to some web server.


Scid can export games to a LaTeX file. Games are printed two columns to a page, and moves are in figurine algebraic notation with proper translation of the nag symbols.

See Using LaTeX with Scid for more information.

Converting LaTeX to PDF

can be achieved on Unix systems with the pdflatex command. A quick conversion is of the form: