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Using FICS

Once you have logged in, the main FICS widget shows a console window, command and find entry boxes, and some command buttons.

FICS Console

This is the main interface with the FICS server.

Interaction is via commands entered in the entry box, or by the Command Buttons. For an outline of popular commands see the Commands section.

Console Colours

Normal messages are written in green; messages from other players appear in red. It can be a little confusing, but toggling the Tells and Shouts boxes will make it quieter.

One may also customize the fore/background colours from the main Options--> FICS menu. By default they are LimeGreen and grey35.

FICS Options

Right-clicking posts a menu with several options. 'No Requests' denies Takebacks, Adjournment, Abort and Draw requests. 'No Results' prevents game results dialogs. 'Board Size' refers to the small Observed Game boards. Autoraise raises the main board when your opponent makes a move.

There are also options to configure initialisation commands and to customize the top three buttons. This latter option requires a smidgin of tcl programming ;> , and fics commands should probably be enclosed in quotes.


The FICS buttons are fairly self explanatory, the most notable being the Find Opponent and Offers Graph buttons. Other buttons include:


Premove allows one to decide your next move before your opponent has moved, allowing for very quick play - essential for Blitz games.

Premove is done like any other move, but pressing the From and To squares. A coloured line will be drawn, and - if legal - this move will be played immediately your opponent has. To cancel premove, press the Escape key.