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Scid Hints

Can I load automatically load a databases

Only by adding databases, PGN files or EPD files to the command line. For example:

will load the database mybase and the gziped PGN file games.pgn.gz.

How can i change the board size?

Use the shortcut keys Control+Shift+LeftArrow and Control+Shift+RightArrow, or Control+Wheelmouse (in undocked mode).

Can I hide the next move?

You can hide the next move via the main context (right-click) menu, Hide next move.

How can I see the ECO opening code for the current position?

The ECO code is displayed on the bottom line of the game information box, below the chessboard in the main window, if you have the ECO classification file ( loaded.
The ECO codes help page explains how to load the ECO classification file and save options so it will be loaded every time you start Scid.

While entering a game, I entered an incorrect move half-way though. Can I easily correct it?

You must use the Import window. See entering moves for more information.

How do I copy games from one database to another?

Use the Database Switcher to drag and drop (filter) games between databases.

Every time I enter a move to replace another, I get a "Replace Move?" dialog. Can I avoid this?

De-select the Ask before replacing moves option in the Options: Moves menu.

How can I use the tree window on a selection of games, not my whole database?

Using the Filter and Database Switcher, copy the relevant games to Clipbase. Then open the tree window in the Clipbase.

The Tree is slow for large databases. How do I speed it up?

Save the Tree cache often, to save tree results for future use. See the caching section of the Tree help page for details.

Can I edit the PGN representation of the game directly?

No. Yo must edit its PGN representation using the Import game window. Just open it (shortcut key: Control+Shift+I) , select Paste current game, edit the game and then Import.

My database has several spellings for some player names. How do I correct them?

You can edit individual names or spellcheck all the names in a database with the commands in the File: Maintenance menu. See the maintenance page.

I have two databases open: one with my own games, and a large database of grandmaster games. How do I compare one of my games to those in the large database?

Just open the Tree window for the reference database and switch back to the game to compare by means of the database switcher. Alternatively, a base can directly be opened as tree via the File menu.